A Directory of Hides and Operators

Wildlife photography is becoming more and more popular in Europe, with thousands of enthusiastic photographers peacefully shooting on images wild birds and animals everywhere on the continent. Yet, catching on pictures shy and elusive creatures is usually not as easy as it may appear …

This is where photography hides can come to the rescue. All over Europe, dozens of specialized operators now offer the opportunity to rent “prepared hides”. When using such hides, photographers are saved the lengthy process of gaining the confidence of the animals and/or birds targeted and are (almost) guaranteed that they will not return “empty-handed”, this without causing any harm or disturbance to wildlife. It is therefore no wonder that the number of photography hides is steadily on the increase in numerous countries.

Wildlife Photography Hides in Europe is the first comprehensive directory depicting all the photography hide facilities currently available. The report puts together for the first time a wealth of up-to-date information concerning wildlife photography hides. The first section of the report is a comprehensive introduction to the concept of wildlife photography hides and its current evolution in Europe; in the second section, all hides and operators are described. The report is completed with lists of references and a list of useful contact addresses.

The report includes over 250 pages full of useful and interesting information: a total of 448 hides run by 71 operators in 18 countries of Europe are described, with over 340 different wildlife species mentioned.

Wildlife Photography Hides in Europe is the ultimate source of reference for all nature and wildlife photographers interested in knowing more about the concept of “prepared photography hides” and wanting to easily find their way among the networks of facilities currently available in Europe …

The report ‘Wildlife Photography Hides in Europe’ is produced by “Bureau des Guides” (The Guide Office), a not-for-profit organization of nature guides based in Luxemburg, which is also involved in technical publications related to wildlife and nature tourism. ‘Bureau des Guides’ is not in any way a commercial book publisher. ‘Wildlife Photography Hides in Europe’ is therefore not a richly-illustrated book published by a commercial publishing house: the report is only available in e-version.

How to obtain the report?
The report is available in e-version only.
Photographers interested in obtaining a copy of the report are invited to:
1. send an e-mail to: publications@guidesoffice.eu, mentioning the detailed delivery e-mail address where the e-copy of the report can be sent (by e-mail),
2. transfer the corresponding amount to the international bank account of ‘Bureau des Guides’.
IBAN: LU72 0024 1912 2880 9200
Account Owner: Hanse Natur asbl

Each copy of the report is charged at € 18.00.

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